ALCAL 2000+ System Tester

The ALCAL 2000+ is an all-in-one device designed to accurately calibrate and troubleshoot EGT/TIT/CHT, Type K, J, and E thermocouples and Alcor indicators. The tester will simulate thermocouple output millivolts so that instruments can be calibrated on the ramp or in the shop. The ALCAL 2000+ will also receive a millivolt input while testing Alcor and other brand thermocouples installed in its proprietary heater for accurate analysis at operating temperatures.

The ALCAL 2000+ is also designed to check the accuracy of an entire system or the individual components. While the thermocouple is in the heater, the instrument can read in the panel and recalibrate, as necessary, while simulating temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ALCAL 2000+ comes equipped with 3 heaters (2 x EGT, 1 x CHT). EGT heaters will accept all Alcor thermocouples and competitive thermocouples with probe tip diameters up to .128 inches. CHT heaters will accept gasket style, bayonet style, and screw-in style probes.

Recalibration/recertification of ALCAL 2000+ (and all previous versions of the ALCAL appliance) is only authorized by Alcor and is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Q: Can the ALCAL 2000+ be used to test competitive manufacturers’ thermocouples?

A: Yes, the ALCAL 2000+ tests both Alcor and other manufacturer thermocouples with probe tip diameters up to .128”.


Q: Does the ALCAL 2000+ test the entire system or individual components?

A: Both! The ALCAL 2000+ can be used to check entire system and individual components.


Q: Does the ALCAL 2000+ test digital or analog systems?

A: Both! The ALCAL 2000+ can be used for test both digital and analog systems.


Q: What is the ALCAL 2000+ warranty?

A: One (1) year from the date of manufacture for ALCAL testers and ALCAL component parts.


Q: Is there a maintenance facility near me that’s equipped with an ALCAL 2000+?

A: Yes, this is a list of ALCAL-equipped maintenance facilities.

  1. Silverhawk Aviation
  2. 1751 West Kearney Ave.
  3. Lincoln, NE 68524
  4. (800) 479-5851
  1. WIPAIRE, Inc.
  2. 1700 Henry Ave.
  3. South Saint Paul, MN 55075
  4. (651) 451-1205
  1. American Aircraft Maintenance
  2. 19711-B Campus Dr.
  3. Santa Ana, CA 92707
  4. (949) 852-8420
  1. Epps Aviation, Inc.
  2. 1 Aviation Way
  3. Atlanta, GA 30341
  4. (770) 458-9851
  1. Aero Parts Ltd.
  2. 7717 Village Oak Dr.
  3. San Antonio, TX 78233
  4. (210) 590-1630